Robert Plant/Patty Griffin Nuptials?

No official word yet,


By Perez Mills / Photo exclusively for Blurt by Scott


Among the big music-biz buzzes over the weekend was the
rumor that Robert Plant and his Band Of Joy collaborator/vocalist Patty Griffin
had gotten married. Multiple media outlets posted stories – in various degrees
of rewrites from what appeared to be a single original source, “Ramble On Radio:
The Led Zeppelin Blog and Podcast”
– that the two had reportedly tied the knot.


The Ramble On story cites “a reliable source” that Plant and
Griffin, “long
rumoured to be romantically attached, have exchanged matrimonial vows,”
additionally mentioning a photo “of the couple giving out Halloween treats is
currently making the rounds. It is very low def, however, it appears Griffin is wearing a ring
on her left hand ring finger.”


Meanwhile, went further, reporting that the
pair had been seen around Austin “with wedding rings
on their fingers, and that Plant introduced Griffin as his wife on at least one occasion.
It’s been speculated for months that the two artists have been dating, with one
source allegedly catching them making out in a Texas airport last May.”


As of this writing, no official statement has been issued by
either the Plant or Griffin


Speculation, all; ya gotta love it, especially on slow news


At any rate, BLURT was also told independently from one of our
own Texas sources that Plant and Griffin recently spent a good portion of their
time house-hunting in Austin. If true, that should bode well for next year’s
SXSW, given what notorious music hounds both musicians are and the ensuing
likelihood that they will turn up at multiple showcases (either as a guest or
simply as an observer, like Plant did a few years ago when he was the keynote


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