Report: Wild Flag Live in Portland


November 10, the Doug Fir Lounge: it’s
supergroup time!


By Tim Hinely


So you all know
about this Wild Flag band. Two-thirds of Sleater-Kinney (Carrie Brownstein and
Janet Weiss) join forces with Helium’s Mary Timony and The Minders’
keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Cole and voila! You have a supergroup that no one
wants to call a supergroup (lame term, I know). 
They had played one (from what I under completely packed) gig at Doug Fir
earlier this year, made a splash at SXSW and then recently went on a long tour
and here they return.


This was a
2-night event and I went to the 2nd night and hey, even Carrie, said
jokingly, “The second night is always better, huh?” With that these four well-dressed ladies (skirts, tights, blouses,
etc.) came out and tore da’ roof off the Doug Fir. Janet Weiss struck first, I
swear I thought she was gonna pound a hole in those poor drums while Timony and
Brownstein worked the equivalent of dueling guitars while smiling slyly at each
other and Rebecca on keyboards (and backing vocals, which sound awesome by the
way) looks like she’s having so much fun back there.


And that’s the
thing about Wild Flag, it appears that they are all truly having fun and enjoying what they’re doing and actually
enjoy being in each other’s company too. 
Gone are the days of having to be the spokeperson(s) for a movement
because dammit, they just wanna rock. And they did.  “Romance” sounded
awesome as did opener “Electric Band.” Other songs drilled the point home as well,
like “Short Version” , “Glass Tambourine” and “Something Came Over Me.”  It wasn’t perfect; that 10-minute psychedelic
jam at the end could have been about 5 minutes shorter and someone said they
covered a Television tune and if they did, I’m not sure how I missed it (love Television).


They pounded it
out for an hour and came for a well-deserved encore of Patti Smith’s  “Ask the Angels” with Timony on the floor
(what about those nice clothes??!!), Weiss still battering the drums, Cole
trying to muster every sound that keyboard of hers makes and Brownstein
bending  and twisting the mic stand as if
it needed to be destroyed.


Wow…..hype be
damned, they delivered and to quote
Mark Burgess from the Chameleons UK, a person isn’t safe anywhere these days.


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