Report: Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 3 (11-6)

The Good, The Bad and the Slayer:
the final day, Nov. 5, 2011


by Michael Passman


were afterparties on Saturday night, but mostly for bands that were playing the
next day.  Luckily, it rained a little
bit overnight, so the dust was minimal, and the sky was grey and the temp was
in the low ‘70s, so it was a nice T-shirt day. [Go here to see our coverage and photos of day one, and here for day


last day of FFFF opened with Austin’s OBN III’s on The Black Stage.  If you wanted raunchy, Stooges based punk,
you had to get up early and get your tired ass down to Auditorium Shores and
get your rock on!   These guys have been
around about a year and are a really tough act to follow that have gained a lot
of attention lately, so it would be no surprise to see them playing a later
slot next year if they play again.


Bateman Neeley III of The OBN III’s




followup had to be something noticeable. 
San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Davila 666, current darlings of In The Red Records
came next.  With seven members and names
like Miss Davila (a dude who looks like a dude and just has the name), AJ, Sir
Charles, San Pablo, Johnny Oitis, Gigi, and Panda, the self described Menudo On
Drugs invented a punk rock stage party with a sound that’s loud, dirty, but
also super catchy garage rock that can’t be missed.


of Davila 666




and Gigi of Davila 666




driven, intense hardcore and thrash of the previous day on The Black Stage was
replaced by all things garage, at least for part of the day.  After a brief set from San Francisco hardcore
act Ceremony, their local cohorts, performance garage pop/punk act No Bunny
followed in a celebration of all things rock ‘n’ roll.  Fun, loud, silly, definitely ugly, and a
little Chuck Berry thrown in, too.





Jason “Elvis Christ”
Testasecca, Nobunny, Danimal, and Touchy Tony of Nobunny




The Zero Boys followed up Nobunny with a
no frills, straight ahead, three chord set that was probably the most basic and
simple form of 80’s punk.  In nearly 30
years, it seemed the Indianapolis quartet best known for surprising everyone
with a sound so well polished and focused that epitomized Reagan era punk
themes like social alienation and the bomb. 
This was a “We’re gonna show you how it’s done” moment.  The punks got schooled!


Paul Mahern of The Zero Boys



Terry Hollywood of The Zero Boys




In between all the mayhem of music on
four stages that lasted 10 hours for three days, there was an assortment of
trailer food ranging from Aussie pies to shakes to Thai BBQ on a stick, Smart
Cars, Sony Playstations, some larger corporate sponsors, and El Camino park,
and wrestling matches!?  Ah.  Then there was the wedding of FFFF regulars
Page King and Stephen Hart, officiated by Henry Rollins, then serenaded off in
a golf cart festooned with strings of empty Tecate cans by The Sexy Sax Man,
Sergio Flores.  Cangrats, you two!


The Happy Couple



Then this – Ted Leo – happened:



Next up was Melbourne, AU act
Architecture in Helsinki that came ready to light up the surprisingly early
night sky since the clock was set back an hour that morning, both musically and


Architecture in Helsinki



It was back over to The Black Stage for
Boris.  Imagine an artsy version of
Guitar Wolf with a female singer/guitarist and lots of dry ice.  Oh, yeah. 
A gong!





The Black Lips were up next.  They’re loud and fun, very psych, but still
mostly fun.  People have a tendency to
get naked at they’re shows.  I’m glad I
missed that. 


The Black Lips



I really wanted to stay for the whole
Black Lips set, but I couldn’t.  Slayer
was getting ready to come on in 15 minutes and half a mile away.  I’m not a metal fan.  I wanted to see it, but I had no
expectations.  A huge white curtain was
up in front of The Orange Stage.  The
Lords of Darkness have secrets, you know. 
The curtain fell to an obscene flood of fog, lights, and the blistering
sound that can only be Slayer






It was only South of Heaven.  The scene was a huge mass almost overpowering
The Hell Hounds and breaking open The Gates of Hell.  A few lucky souls got through, only to be
pushed far back into Purgatory for their transgressions.  For one and a half hours, everyone came over
to The Dark Side and worshipped in The Fires of Metal.  The Overseers smiled.


That was nearly it, but a little trek
over to The Black Stage had Blonde Redhead. 
The calm, shimmering dreampop was a lush nightcap to an amazing weekend.



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