Our New BFF: Handcuffs’ Brad Elvis


Fan commits to
following us on Twitter; mayhem ensues.


By The Editors


Call it a slick marketing ploy or simply an instance of
perfect timing, but following a closely-watched (term used loosely…) and no
doubt hotly contested (Tw1tters The Cat , for one, wanted to be the pick)
contest, Chicago’s Brad Elvis is BLURT’s 4,000th Twitter follower.
No doubt having followed our progress on Twitter as we neared that milestone
number, Brad pounced – like Tw1tters did, but with fingers, not paws – when we
announced we would award “fabulous prizes” to our 4,000th follower.


Brad, sharp eyed BLURT readers may recall, is also a
founding member and the “four-handed” drummer for The Handcuffs, who we
recently profiled on the site. Hey, he obviously had a vested interest in
subscribing to our Twitter feed! He also informed us that he is nearing his own
milestone – his 4,000th gig, which includes a long musical career
with the Handcuffs and other outfits (among them, The Romantics). That’s Brad
above, pictured with band vocalist Chloe Orwell, “the designated blonde” of the
duo. Yep.


Brad, you rock, your band rocks, and your gifts are en route
to Chicago where they will be delivered personally by 8 nubile BLURT interns
all in various stages of undress. Please, return them – the interns, not the
gifts – intact. Meanwhile, we’ll see the rest of you folks when we hit 5,000 at
our Twitter feed…

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