New Weeknd Vid Posted/Removed/Restored


UPDATE, NOV. 26: Folks gradually realized that the videos they had posted were inoperative and switched over to the YouTube version. Meanwhile, at Drake’s blog another Vimeo version was posted.




Hint: it’s on YouTube,
not Vimeo.


By Fred Mills


Blink, and you missed it. Wait – blink again, and it’s back.
No, wait – you have to change the channel first.


We’re talking the official new video from The Weeknd, “The
Knowing,” a seven-minute short sci-fi film (“Planet Ethio X,” anyone?) directed
by Mikael Columbu, and a track originally on the band’s mixtape House of Balloons. Watch it below:




But the twist is this: last night it was posted at Drake’s
October’s Very Own blog
via Vimeo and subsequently got picked up by a slew of
other online media portals (including the Chicago branch of the Drake fan club,  Pitchfork, natch). By this morning,
however, it had been taken down, with an onscreen message reading, “Sorry. This
video does not exist.” Savvy marketing to pimp up demand? Who knows – and who
cares, because it was also very quietly posted to YouTube by the band!




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