New James McMurtry Blog: Occupy Movement


The storied
songwriter drops in on the Occupy Anchorage


By Blurt Staff


“I think Occupy is different,” muses Texas
rocker/songwriter James McMurtry, in his latest “Wasteland Bait & Tackle”
BLURT blog
, explaining that while he’s a veteran of protests past (No Nukes in
the ‘70s; the Iraq war several years ago), something about the Occupy Wall
Street movement has the tinge of uniqueness. McMurtry happened to visit some of
the protestors at the Occupy Anchorage encampment recently while on a solo tour
to Alaska,
and the sight of them camping out in sub-zero weather in the snow confirmed to
him that they were acting out of pure conviction.


Click over to McMurtry’s blog, and then consider your
own convictions. As he puts it himself, “I’m pretty sure the guys in Anchorage weren’t out
there for the fun of it. They seemed to feel that they needed to be there, that
they had no choice. It’s common feeling and common conviction that makes a
movement. And it seems that more and more of us feel that we have no choice.”


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