New Best Kept Secret: The Glimmer (Australia)


Latest pick of cool
emerging artist in our ongoing collaboration with Sonicbids.


By Fred Mills


The BLURT staff put our heads (and ears) together and we
have the latest pick for our Blurt/Sonicbids “Best Kept Secret”: it’s The
Glimmer, from Newtown, in New
South Wales, Australia.
This makes our 18th BKS selection since commencing the program of
spotlighting new and under-the-radar artists back in 2008.


The group is described in its bio thusly: “The Glimmer is a 4-piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit from Newtown, NSW, influenced
mainly by the raucous rock & roll bands and sassy girl groups of the 1960s.
With a sound that’s grittier than Best
Coast but prettier than
The Dead Weather, ‘The Glimmer are the very model of a certain inner-west indie
band. Bluesy, some frayed country around the edges, and for some flavour, add
some surf guitar buzz and up-to-four-part boy/girl harmonies. Goes with the
requisite rumble and swagger.'”



Pistols at Dawn by TheGlimmer



The Start
A Fire
album was released this past June. It was cut with Andrew Beck
(Amiel, Modular Lounge) and the legendary Kramer (of Bongwater, Galaxie 500,
Low, etc. fame) in Australia,
and Kramer subsequently mixed it at his studio in Florida. The press immediately latched onto
the guy-girl vocal mix, not to mention the deep, primal twang that reverberates
through all the songs. And with a pure pop vibe at its core, the group clearly
hearkens back to the mid-‘80s Australian golden age of alternative rock, but
there’s also a distinctive postmodern aesthetic at play too.


The Glimmer: Cassady, on guitar/vocals; Dereck,
guitar/vocals; Nikki, bass/vocals; Jules, drums/vocals.


We’ll have an interview with the band posted to the site
shortly in which we let them fill you in on all this and more. Meanwhile, check
out their official website or Facebook page for additional details as well as
song samples. They’re one of the good ‘uns,
trust us.




Bands, go to to submit and have us review your materials for feature consideration.



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