MP3 Debut: New Bad Weather California


“You’re My Friend” from forthcoming Sunkissed album, via
Akron/Family’s new label.


By Blurt Staff


Wasn’t too long ago that we got
about Akron/Family launching their own record label, Family Tree Records,
with their first signing being Denver’s Bad Weather California. From their 2012
Sunkissed album comes the ace track “You’re
My Friend” and we’re pretty stoked to be able to serve it up to ya as a free



Bad Weather California “You’re My Friend” by Howlin’ Wuelf Media



Here’s what Seth Olinksy from
Akron/Family says: “This Bad Weather California track could be looked at many
ways: part roller rink alt anthem, part Tom Tom Club meets Black Lips meets
Motown, and then there’s chorused big man sax, or maybe they all just meet up
outside of the roller rink and drink beer listening from the outside, well,
anyways, who cares what the parts are or how many ways you could look at it.
Bad Weather California set out to make an album for the kids and here you have
it: ‘You’re My Friend,’ the last track on BWC’s new album Sunkissed, is an anthem made to the middle school kid in all of us.
In 2:30, the song has just enough time to roll by your house on a Friday night,
see your bedroom light on, and convince you to go roaming the streets smoking
cigarettes and looking for something at all to do and maybe that’s when you end
up at the parking lot outside of the roller skating rink. Yes, that’s right,
that’s how we got there, and from outside you hear the chorus, ‘Just remember
what I always told you, you’re not a fuck up, you’re my friend.’ and you’re
feeling better already.”


We could not have said it better
because, in fact, we are permanently stuck in our “middle school” phase and BWC
seems to have just the right kind of mojo to make it a little less painful…


[Photo Credit: Cory Gustason]


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