Grab a GG Allin… beer cozy?!?

Drink up!


By Fred Mills


Just in time for the holidays, the perfect gift for that
little scumfuc of the household: a GG Allin beer cozy! As you can see above, it
tastefully captures the core GG aesthetic while making a genuine fashion
statement as you hang out with the bros, pounding brewskis. And you can
accessorize with a GG teeshirt, should you so desire:



Venerable punk/indie label ROIR has assorted GG Allin
paraphernalia – to date, no word on whether a GG enema bottle or jockstrap is
en route – not to mention a slew of items bearing their flagship band The Bad
Brains’ myriad logos, such as the beer cozy below. (Speaking of brewskis.)
Check ‘em all out at the ROIR site.


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