Fugazi Goes Grateful Dead w/Live Series


Planning to post 800
concerts when it’s all said and done – kinda like Dick’s Picks, only more elaborate.


By Fred Mills


It’s not the first time that punk legends Fugazi have earned
comparisons to the Grateful Dead, and favorable ones at that. Say what you will
about the actual stylistic gulf between Ian MacKaye and Jerry Garcia; over the years both
bands proved themselves to be at the forefront of cultivating intense fan
loyalty, of adhering to a decidedly populist stance in terms of concert and
merch pricing and making sure that the folks who care about the band know that
the band cares about them in return. (Pearl Jam is another band that’s operated along these lines.)


So according to a report in Pitchfork this morning, Fugazi
is taking yet another logical step in that general vein, announcing plans to offer
up around 800 concerts priced at $5.00 each via the Dischord Records new Fugazi Live
Series website
. You can already check it out in the beta stages, with an
initial official launch of 130 live shows due December 1. Each gig – culled from
1987 to 2003 – will have archival content (photos, posters, etc.) in addition to
the actual music, and the site will be fully browseable via date, location and

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