Frank Black Starts New Record Label


Initial release
arrives next week from Jeremy Dubs.


Fred Mills


search of “the next big new sexy thing,” Frank Black (of the Pixies) is starting
up his own record label, The Bureau, with initial releases slated to come from
Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart) and Jeremy Dubs – plus, presumably, some
of Black’s side projects.  (He’s
currently signed to Cooking Vinyl.)


Speaking to Britain’s The Guardian, Black explained, “I wasn’t planning to start up
my own record label. I hope I get invited to some really intense high-end
parties… “It started out as just a website [to sell merch from],  an office for my assistant. For fun, we called
the office The Bureau. In the most rudimentary way, it started turning into a
record company. It was just a gradual making it up as we go along.”


He added that he envisions the label as an
additional outlet for him and not a replacement for Cooking Vinyl. “More
traditional record companies find it a little overwhelming that I come up with
another record every nine months… Running a label today isn’t that
different than at any other time. There’s less money floating around, but I
think it’s a good thing. I think it’s more honest … It just puts the pressure
on everybody to be good. “We’re really open to hearing demos from bands or
performers, wherever they are and whoever they are … I’m scouring the
landscape, just like Columbia and Sony.”


Coming up first on Nov. 18: an album of Nilsson covers from Dubs, followed
by a record from Knife and Fork (Feldman plus Laurie Hall), and then next year
a live album by Frank Black and the Catholics recorded in Europe in 2000.



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