First Look: Can’s Tago Mago Reissue

Out this week via
Mute, it’s now expanded with a bonus live disc. Always a classic Krautrock
artifact; still is.


By Logan
K. Young

Just as America
didn’t bear arms until the kamikazes forced her, Can never really got kosmische until Kenji “Damo” Suzuki joined the fracas. Of the fourteen studio records getting
the reissue treatment, this one was first-with-a-bullet for a reason; Tago
is Can’s best, most rewarding album.


Named after the Balearic lair of Crowley lore, the alchemy here – the motorik mantra of side one and “Halleluhwah,” “Aumgn” and side four’s hasty histrionics
– is every beat as groovy, every spell as magickal as its namesakes. In short, a double album where nary a note sounds wanton or
wasted. It’s been four decades since Suzuki’s method came to Köln, and here we
finally get the cover art the band always wanted.


Can – Bring Me Coffee Or Tea by Mute UK

Moreover, a bonus live disc from 1972 comes fully stocked
with three remastered tunes, including a killer 30-minute rendition of “Spoon.”
Excised to a mere three for Ege Bamyasi‘s first single, hearing
this concert jam sandwiched between “Mushroom” and “Halleluhwah” does sound a
vee bit veird. So, yeah, mission still accomplished.


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