Filmmaker Ken Russell R.I.P. 1927-2011


The visual brains
behind the classic rock film Tommy.


By Fred Mills


Ken Russell, the maverick, frequently over-the-top British director
behind the film version of The Who’s Tommy as well as the Franz Liszt biopic Lisztomania (which featured a Who vocalist Roger Daltrey in the lead role), passed away
yesterday, Nov. 27 at the age of 84. According to media sources he had
experienced a series of strokes prior to his death.


Russell’s heyday was the ‘70s, with Tommy emblematic for his flamboyant style and in your face visuals
(can anyone ever forget the Ann-Margret baked beans scene, or Tina Turner’s
quivering face and body in her Acid Queen guise). Among his other films were
1969’s Women In Love, 1971’s The Devils and 1980’s Altered States.



[Photo via Wikimedia Commons, by DiVicenzo (2008)

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