Exclusive Not-for-sale U2 Live CD Due


U22 double-disc of
songs from the 360 Tour as voted on by the fans.


By Fred Mills


It’s not exactly a bootleg, or even a so-called “official
bootleg” – but it’s probably the next best thing, collectability-wise. Due late
this year is U22, a double-disc,
22-song live collection compiled from U2’s 360 Tour, and it’s not slated to be
available in stores or even as a mail order or tour-merch release, but rather
an exclusive offered strictly to subscribers to the band’s U2.Com club.
According to the organizers:


“[It is an] exclusive,
live double-CD capturing the record-breaking experience that was U2360°.
Between 2009 and 2011 the band played 110 amazing shows and this
limited-edition 22-track live collection is the definitive soundtrack of that
tour – as voted for by U2.com subscribers.”



Indeed, club members have already been busy voting, and
as the club reports, “‘Bad,’ ‘Magnificent,’ ‘Streets’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ are in
the lead. ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Zooropa’ and ‘Out of Control’ have a good chance of
making the cut. But ‘Spanish Eyes,’ ‘Your Blue Room’ and ‘Return of the
Stingray Guitar’ are in danger of missing out.”


So you, the discriminating U2 fan, can make your voice be
heard. The hitch of course is that joining U2.Com costs an annual $50, and as
we all know sometimes these so-called “exclusivity clubs” don’t wind up
delivering the goods quite as neatly as they are initially billed (less-than-premium
website offerings for members, glitches in concert ticket pre-sales, etc.). But
U2 seems to have smoothed out the rough edges since it launched the club a few
years ago, and in truth, 50 bucks to get an album that will clearly go for much
more than that eventually on eBay doesn’t seem like a bad investment, at least
not on the face of it.


You can get more details on how to subscribe and how to vote
in the poll at U2.com.


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