Download Free Okkervil River Covers EP


Five songer, recorded
live to tape, is a gift to fans – wait’ll you hear the killer Triffids song,
too, it’ll bring tears to your eyes.


By Blurt Staff


We admit it, we are huge Okkervil River
fans and have been since our humble beginnings as Harp magazine. Will Sheff & Co. consistently find ways to
thrill and charm us, and that stretches all the way back to their humble
beginnings in Austin
circa 1998. Indeed, it’s pretty likely that their latest album, I Am Very Far, is destined for high
placement on our best-albums-of-the-year list for 2011.


Just to bolster their status among the converted, the band
has a new covers EP just out titled Golden
Opportunities 2
, the followup of sorts to 2007’s covers collection The Golden Opportunities Mixtape. It’s
free for download at the band’s website right here. And it’s the total
package – MP3s, a jpeg of the cover, plus PDFs for front and back artwork that
you can print out after you’ve burned the tunes to disc. Sweet!


By the way, our editor wanted to add, “Any band that will
cover a Triffids song has a place waiting for them in Heaven as far as I’m



01 It is So Nice to Get Stoned [Ted Lucas cover]
02 U.F.O. [Jim Sullivan cover]
03 One Soul Less on Your Fiery List [the Triffids cover]
04 Plan D [Bill Fay cover]
05 Dry Bones [Traditional]

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