Death of Samantha To Reunite!


Well, for a pair of
shows at least. But it ain’t your average kinda indie band reunion…


By Fred Mills


It’s the alterna-rock reunion you never expected – or, more
accurately, the college-rock reunion, as bands operative from the mid ‘80s to
the dawn of the ‘90s weren’t quite yet known as “alternative.” But Cleveland’s Death of
Samantha was certainly AN alternative to a lot of what was going on at the time,
alternately thrilling and horrifying regional audiences while amassing a
national reputation for their in-your-face combination of punk, glam and


After a handful of records for St. Valentine’s and
Homestead, the band split up, with members John Petkovic, Doug Gillard and Dave
Swanson subsequently forming Cobra Verde. Later, Petkovic and Gillard were
tapped to join Guided By Voices, and Gillard was a mainstay of that band for a
good chunk of the ‘90s.


More recently, Gillard has been one of the busiest men in
rock, as this recent BLURT profile clearly outlines.


And now comes word, via a Facebook announcement, that the
original DoS lineup of Petkovic, Gillard, David James and Steve-O Eiredam will
be getting back together for their first gig in 25 years for a pair of
Christmas shows in Cleveland. Mark your calendars, fans, for Dec. 23 and 24 at
the Beachland Ballroom – you can tell your grandchildren you were there.


More DoS: song samples, etc. at the band’s MySpace page.


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