Courtney Love’s Onstage Homophobic Rant


So-called “gay icon”
decides that she has license to use whatever lingo creeps into her little
brain, offensive or no. See footage of the incident, plus a cover of U2’s “The Fly,” below.


By Fred Mills


According to a report published late yesterday at Rolling Stone, Courtney Love “went off
on a rant” Sunday night at a Hole concert. The band was performing at Brazil’s
SWU Festival when a fan in the crowd hoisted a photo of Kurt Cobain, prompting
Love to shout, “I don’t need to see a picture of Kurt, asshole, and I’m going
to have you fucking removed if you keep throwing that up. I’m not Kurt – I have
to live with his shit, his ghost, his kid every day. Throwing that up is stupid
and rude and I’ll beat the fuck out of you if you do it again. Go see the
fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit.”


Love then left the stage, returning a short time later to
lead the crowd in chanting, “The Foo Fighters are gay.”


Among Love’s other bon mots at the show: she insisted it’s
okay to use the word “fags” because she is a “gay icon.”


Nice work, Courtney. You should get together with filmmaker
Brett Ratner and turn this into a cabaret act.





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