Codeine Reissues Due; Band Plans Reunion


Seminal NYC slowcore group gets a second


By Blurt Staff


May 8th, 2012, is a long way away, but that doesn’t
mean you can’t start saving up your grass-mowing and lemonade stand money –
that’s when archival specialists the Numero
Group will issue NYC combo Codeine’s
three Sub Pop albums with a
plethora of bonus tracks. The question immediately comes to mind, why isn’t Sub
Pop reissuing them? But no matter – the Chicago label is among the most
well-positioned on the planet to do justice to a vault project.


These reissues mark Numero’s first foray into the world of what
the label deems “the post-songwriting era.” Codeine released 1990’s Frigid
LP, 1992’s Barely Real, and 1994’s The White Birch,
receiving much critical praise upon release, but the group dissolved before
being able to fully exploit the burgeoning slowcore movement.


All three albums will be subjected to Numero’s notoriously
elaborate packaging and detailed liner notes, and will be accompanied by period
appropriate singles, demos, Peel Sessions, and live tracks. Each album will be
packaged as a double LP with a CD of the same material. Additionally, an ultra
deluxe box set of all three albums will be available in a limited edition of
1000 copies.


In support of this great undertaking, Codeine’s original line up
of Stephen Immerwahr, John Engle, and Chris Brokaw will be reuniting for a
handful of dates in the US and Europe. The first of these dates will take place
on the weekend of May 25-27 when All Tomorrow’s Parties takes over the
Alexandra Palace in London.







Frigid Stars LP


1. D

2. Gravel Bed

3. Pickup Song

4. 3 Angels

5. New Year’s

6. Second Chance

7. Cave-In

8. Cigarette Machine

9. Old Things

10. Pea


Bonus material:

11. Castle (Afternoon Delight compilation)

12. Three Angels (Previously unreleased)

13. Skeletons (Previously unreleased)

14. Corner Store (Previously unreleased)

15. Squid (Previously unreleased)

16. Summer Dresses (Previously unreleased)

17. Pickup Song (Demo, Previously unreleased)

18. Pea (Alternate)

19. Second Chance (B-side of D 7″)

20. D (Live, Yo Yo A Go Go compilation)

21. A L’Ombre De Nous (Split 7″ with Bastro)




Barely Real


1. Realize

2. Jr

3. Barely Real

4. Hard To Find

5. W.

6. Promise Of Love


Bonus material:

7. Media (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)

8. We’re dead (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)

9. Realize (Live, Previously unreleased)

10. Hydroplane (Live Unrest cover, Previously unreleased)

11. I Wonder (Previously unreleased)

12. Cracked In Two (Revolution compilation)

13. Jr (Instrumental, Previously unreleased)

14. Broken-Hearted Wine (B-side of Realize 7″)




The White Birch


1. Sea

2. Loss Leader

3. Vacancy

4. Kitchen Light

5. Washed Up

6. Tom

7. Ides

8. Wird

9. Smoking Room


Bonus material:

10. Ides (Alternate version, Working Holiday compilation)

11. Smoking Room (Demo, Previously unreleased)

12. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover, A Means To An End compilation)

13. 2 Faced Man (Suicide cover, Your Invitation To Suicide

14. Loss Leader (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)

15. Something New (B-side to Tom 7″)

16. Wird (Demo, Previously unreleased)





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