Billy Corgan Gets Into Pro Wrestling (literally)

He wasn’t kidding
about smashing stuff, apparently. Meanwhile, Bob Mould has yet to comment.


By Fred Mills


Smashing Pumpkins’ mainman Billy Corgan has become a
professional wrestling promoter, partnering with a pair of veteran promoters to
form Resistance Pro. According to a report filed by, the company,
which includes Gabe Baron and Jacques Baron, will have its first show tonight,
Nov. 25, in Chicago.


“We have to start in Chicago
and build a name for ourselves and build enough of a reputation to take it
other places,” Corgan told Billboard. “It’s a serious endeavor. I
want this to succeed strictly on its ideas. If I had to artificially prime the
audience because of my musical life that’s sad. This is going to succeed on its
own ideas, not because I jumped the shark.”


Added Gabe Baron, “This is a guy who is on the same page as we are as
far as how wrestling should be. They’re going to feel the excitement of a rock
concert but with the thrill and spectacle of wrestling.”


Also quoted in the story is Scott Beekman, author of Ringside: A History of Professional Wrestling in America, who
observed, of the rock-wrestling connection, “At a certain level I think
they appeal to similar audiences. There is this notion that you’re gearing
toward adolescent males. There’s also this flash of wrestling and rock that’s
related, the pyrotechnics, the announcements.”


Well there ya go!




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