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Are you ready to testify? ATR solicits videos from fans
for new Occupy Wall Street-themed


By Blurt Staff


Atari Teenage Riot and activist group Anonymous have
collaborated for the 2nd video edit of “Black Flags.” Fans and friends of
Atari Teenage Riot and Anonymous, including support from Steve Aoki, Boots
Riley, and Occupy Wall Street, supplied the footage for the ongoing video



The latest single from album Is This Hyperreal? is a political anthem declaring Atari Teenage
Riots’ support for Anonymous’ human rights campaign. The viral videos for
“Black Flags” feature monolithic black flags, anonymity and “corpsing”.
Together these solidify the ideals of the movement and absorb the basic
principles of equality and freedom.
“Are you ready to testify?” Anonymous and Atari Teenage Riot are inviting
fans to submit a video statement and support. For more information read Alec
Empire’s statement below.



More details:




A statement from ATR’s Alec Empire:


“In the past decade we have witnessed how dangerous
corruption can be for ordinary citizens, from Fukushima
to the financial crisis, we could even include the current phone hacking
scandals in the UK
in this. The list goes on. Almost weekly more shocking news is being published.
Corporate greed has too often put the lives of people in danger.
Historically, the Black Flag stood for not belonging to a certain Nation State
(due to the fact that no national colors were used on it). For the us, it means
also that no individual can look at him/herself as superior to others just
because of his/her national identity.

“The mainstream media often looks at “consumers” and labels them as
“apathetic.” But as the protests around the world have indicated, there is more
political activism than ever before. And not only that, we see the same activism
and energy at our concerts.

“Cynics always find many reasons for not doing anything and being miserable.
Often they say that the world is too “complex” to get involved. We believe that
even though the world is complex, there are some fundamentally powerful ideas.
Respect for another human being, for example, is a fundamental idea that grants
great power. If you agree to the basic principles of equality and freedom, join
us and make a statement!

“If you want to be in the video and show that you support the ideals mentioned
above, please send us the following footage:

• Take your mobile phone, webcam or any other camera and film yourself
lip-synching the song Atari Teenage Riot – “Black Flags” (feat. Boots Riley) by
Alec Empire/ ATR

  • Have a black flag in the background, or hold it while
    you’re lip-syncing. (The black flag motif will link all images together. If you
    don’t have one to hand, use a black T-shirt, pull it inside out, stick the arms
    into it…there you go.)
  • You can choose any location for it. If you want to do it
    at home, great. If you know a crazy location, do it there. (In front of your
    school or university? At a shopping mall? With your friends at a party?)
  • We will use fragments of all videos, which are sent in and
    ultimately add all of you to the official video.
  • If you want to support the idea but want to do so
    anonymously, you can cover your face. No problem.”


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