Wilco’s Letterman Gig Gets Bootlegged


With tapedecks running
throughout the hinterlands, the band kicks off The Whole Love tour in fine


By Fred Mills


On September 21 Wilco commandeered the Ed Sullivan Theater
in NYC for an extended performance for the “Live On Letterman” series. The
12-song, hour-long set spotlighted material from new album The Whole Love (which was released the following week on their own
dBpm label) alongside old faves such as “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” and “Impossible


The show was webcasted as well as aired over the radio (on
WXRT in Chicago),
and as you might imagine, hard drives and tape decks were tuned in all over the
place. Hence the current bootleg just released by the Naughty Dog label and made
available for free download
as high-quality 192kbs MP3s via the Big O Zine…


Meanwhile, back in the aboveground milieu, the new issue of BLURT arrives on newsstands in a few weeks and we’ve got
Wilco on the cover, so keep your eyes peeled.




01. Art Of Almost

02. I Might 4:01

03. I Am Trying To
Break Your Heart 6:24

04. One Wing 4:16

05. Born Alone 4:15

06. Whole Love 4:06

07. Handshake Drugs

08. Jesus Etc 4:02

09. Impossible Germany 7:11

10. Dawned on Me

11. War on War 3:20

12. A Shot in the Arm


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