Watch Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street


Performs set of
protest songs including a Woody Guthrie classic.


By Fred Mills


Yesterday, Oct. 13, Nightwatchman/Rage Against the Machine’s
Tom Morello, no stranger to activism, went activist in a major way at the
Occupy Wall Street gathering at NYC’s Liberty Plaza, performing 4 songs and
mincing no words in his disdain for the current state of affairs – including President
Obama’s apparent lack of backbone in standing up against what Morello called “the
Wall Street criminals who torpedoed our economy.”


It wasn’t an altogether unscripted appearance; Morello’s
itinerary that day had been circulated heavily via the press, and it was clear
that he had put some time in beforehand thinking about what introductions and
between-song remarks he would make (such as his withering Obama comments). It
was inspiring  just the same. As Rolling Stone reports, “Before the
performance, Morello addressed the crowd – whom he called “friends.”
He introduced himself as the Nightwatchman, his folk alter-ego, and spoke
directly to the attentive and excited members of the Occupy Wall Street movement:
‘First, they ignored you – then you got pepper-sprayed.’ But he didn’t stop
there. Morello led the crowd in a charged chant: ‘I know in my heart, all hell
can’t stop us now.’ And then, repeatedly, ‘All hell can’t stop us now!'”


Morello played “The Fabled City” (a key track from his
second Nightwatchman album) along with “Save the Hammer for the Man,” World
Wide Rebel Songs” and, most significantly, Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your


Read the full RS report and check out the video footage shot
by RS as well. Also below you can see a brief audience-shot clip of Morello
speaking to the crowd.



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