Watch Andy Shernoff’s Rapture Video


Are ya ready? Can ya
feel it? Can we get an ‘amen’? Rev. Shernoff has a few things to tell all you


By Blurt Staff


Nobody every called Pablo Picasso an asshole, and nobody’s
calling endtimes evangelical preacher Harold Camping one either. They ARE
calling him a fookin’ fruitcake, however, and Camping hasn’t been helping his
cause by waffling on his so-called rapture prediction for tomorrow, Oct. 21.


Recall that Camping originally claimed the end of the
world would be May 21 but had to hit the reset button when everybody – sane people,
at least; sorry about that life savings thing, Camping followers – went out
shopping that day instead of ascending into Heaven (or going down to Hell, take
your pick). But according to news reports, since locking in Oct. 21 as the official
overdue date for humanity’s metaphysical library book, Camping has taken to
hedging his rapture bets by using terminology like “probably” and “maybe.”





You’ll hear no such dissembling from Andy “Adny” Shernoff,


is a musician, songwriter, record producer and oenophile.  He is a
founding member of The Dictators
, one of the seminal New York proto-punk
bands, for which he composed the lion’s share of the material, played bass
guitar, keyboards, sang back-up and occasional lead vocals. He has been
involved with a variety of other musical projects over the years, most notably
the heavily Dictators-populated Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom
and Joey Ramone’s sole solo studio album, Don’t Worry About Me.


recently released a new 7″ vinyl single “Are You Ready To
Rapture” c/w “Tremble” – the latter featuring the late Joey
Ramone guesting. And “Are You Ready To Rapture” is accompanied by an
animated video created by world famous cartoonist Brian Musikoff, and it is, in
the parlance, unequivocal. Jesus – “the
zombie Jew” – is comin’ back, he’s seriously pissed, and there ain’t nothing us
sinful mortals can do about it. Well, Lemmy from Motorhead may be spared
eternal torment, but that’s it.


View it below – preferably as soon as possible, before it’s too late… Oct. 21 is almost here…


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