Video Exclusive: New Mia Doi Todd


Directed by Grace
Oh, “Canto de Iemanja” dips into sacred rituals and pays tribute to our oceans.


By Blurt Staff


Mia Doi Todd’s version of “Canto de Iemanja,” one of the
original Afro-Sambas by the great Brazilian songwriters Vinicius de Moraes and
Baden Powell, appears on her record Cosmic
Ocean Ship
and on the new Red Hot +
compilation.  Now Todd has shot
a video for the song, directed by filmmaker Grace Oh, and we’re stoked to
present it for your viewing pleasure:



Iemanja is the Orisha or Goddess of the Ocean in the
Yoruba, Candomble, and Santeria traditions. 
She represents divine consciousness, healing unconditional love,
feminine creativity and the essence of motherhood.  The video pays homage to the rituals that
take place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
at the Praia de Iemanja every year on February 2nd, her special saint’s
day.  Devotees bring flowers, watermelons
and perfume for the Goddess and make altars for her on the beach.  These offerings are then taken out to the
Ocean with prayers and wishes alongside the statue of the Goddess in a small
boat.  The belief is that if the
offerings are accepted by the Ocean and do not tumble back to shore, wishes
will be granted.


Featuring choreography and dancing by Kimberly Miguel-Mullen
and costumes by Mia Doi Todd, the Oh-directed video aims to capture the sacred
essence of these rituals and celebrate the majesty and mystery of the Ocean
which is currently so endangered by global warming and pollution. Shot in Baja California on the Pacific Ocean,
the video is an outpouring of love, devotion, community and creativity, in
honor of Iemanja.


Credit: Carl Lindstrom]


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