Stone Roses to Reunite


Dates in Manchester in June
followed by a proposed world tour. Revisit one of their great videos, below.


By Fred Mills


Though massively overrated, and possibly as famous for taking
a massive amount of time and record label money to cut their second album –  it’s not everybody who gets to spend three
years in a recording studio with someone else footing the ticket – there’s no
doubt that Manchester late ‘80s/early ‘90s band the Stone Roses remain a
beloved icon in their native Britain. And it’s true that their ’89 debut The Stone Roses is a classic that hasn’t
lost its luster over the years. So since late ‘80s/early ‘90s band reunions is
all the rage, why not the Roses, too?


According to the BBC, the group is planning to do a pair of
high profile shows in Manchester
on June 29 and 30 then will follow that up with a world tour. “At a London press conference,”
writes the BBC, “singer Ian Brown said his friendship with John Squire had been
repaired and the group hoped to release a new record soon.”



The press conference this morning featured Brown joined by
members John Squire, Mani and Reni, and that having patched up the personal
differences that had lingered following their 1996 breakup, they would “ride it
as long as we can,” regarding the actual length of the reunion.


Brown, true to his mouthy reputation, claimed that today’s
music scene is “boring, bland and corporate” – hence the arrival of the Roses
because people “needed uplifting.” Meanwhile, the band has posted some details, including ticketing info for the Manchester shows, at the official website.


Er, right. At any rate, welcome back, Stone Roses. We know you just wanna be adored…




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