Report: Veronica Falls, Drums Live Ore.


October 10 and the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Ore.,
brought a split indie rock ticket, one part of it great and the other part


By Tim Hinely

This was Veronica Falls’ first trip to the West Coast and
they did not disappoint. Their new self-titled debut on Slumberland has all of
the pop kids talking about it and with good reason. They’ve injected a healthy
dose of electricity into the pop scene with dark (yet hooky) that have really
resonated with just about everyone. The band is made up of two guys and two
gals and the two men (guitarist and drummer) usually provide the backing vocals
while the other guitarist sings most of the lead vocals and the other female
(the quiet bassist) just plays da’ bass. We were treated to stellar versions of
“Beachy Head”, “Found Love in a Graveyard”, “Bad Feeling”, “Misery” and plenty
more.  It must be said the male guitarist
with paisley short and bowl haircut bore a dashing resemblance to Primal
Scream’s Bobbie Gillespie.




The Drums
returned this year to the comfier confines of the Doug Fir. Last year they
headlined over Surfer Blood and they played the Wonder Ballroom that was way
too big a room for those bands.  Touring
as a 5-piece which included vocalist Jonny Pierce, guitarist Connon Hanwick and
keyboardist Jacob Graham (also of Shelflife Records act Horse Shoes) and a
solid rhythm section they kept the energy up for nearly an hour before playing
a slower song. Jonny engaged the crowd 
(but honestly, if he said thank you one more time I was gonna strangle
him. It’s nice to be polite but there is a thing as overkill). It was after
midnight when the encores came out and we were treated to no version of “Let’s
Go Surfing”, opting for a few of the slower doo-wopish cuts. Still though, for
the whole evening they had nearly the entire trendy (on this evening , anyway)
Doug Fir crowd shaking their moneymakers and while it was mostly fun I wouldn’t
need to rush out and see ‘em again.





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