MP3/Video: Joseph Arthur New OWS Song


Free download of “We Stand As One” below, also a video for
his new Occupy Wall Street
tribute song.


By Fred Mills


Rocker Joseph Arthur posted a new
song to the web yesterday titled “We Stand As One,” an elegant,
piano-and-guitar powered elegy for the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street
movement. You can download a free MP3 of the track and, meanwhile, we’ve got the
video for you here as well. Check it out, and then read what Arthur has to say
about the nature of protest songs (a topic we also explored recently at BLURT),
along with his lyrics. Arthur additionally mentioned that should you feel like
donating to OWS, here is a good link to follow.




From Joseph Arthur:


Protest songs should be open and
somewhat naive

They can’t help but reference Bob
Dylan referencing Woody Guthrie

They usually speak in somewhat
general terms

And to be effective at all,

they say things that even those
coming from a similar space,

may not fully agree with.

They are easy targets for the
venom of music critics (because of all the reasons above)

And yet still sometimes

They are necessary.

So with that I am happy to present

“We Stand As One.”

I hope you love it

Or hate it

Or love to hate it

Or let yourself

Hate to love it

but either way,

In some small way,

I hope that it helps.

– Joseph Arthur


# # #


“We Stand As One” – lyrics


We occupy wall street

Take back our soul

Take back our country

Take back control

Take back our health care

Take back our mind

Take back our freedom

Give up the grind

We occupy wall street

No more fear

No more acceptance

Of insanity’s sneer

No more division

No more restraint

Our canvas is freedom

Your blood is our paint

we stand as one

You who have robbed us

You who have lied

You who were greedy

While the needy ones died

You who believed

You were better than them

Who sat in the flower

Ignoring the stem

You who denied them

Doctors and care

Humanity’s basics

As if death were their share

You who denied

The struggles of most

Like a pig you consumed

And like a pig you will roast

we stand as one

We occupy wall street

The system has failed

As the innocent ones

Are beat down and jailed

The criminal minds

have stolen this land

By taking our freedom

And binding our hand

To the cuff of misfortune

To the cuff of our need

To the cuff of self pity

To the cuff of a seed

Lost in the desert

No chance to survive

No love to nurture

No water to thrive

we stand as one

A season of murder

The body and soul

Dreams being shattered

The damnation control

Give back our country

We come to defend

Our right to inspire

To love and befriend

Our right to be healthy

Our right to believe

In a country of equals

Of a chance to receive

A chance to develop

A chance to forgive

A chance to dignify

The way that we live

we stand as one

A chance education

A chance to secure

A place for our families

Our right to a cure

The disease is insane

The disease is just greed

The disease is your pain

Ignoring their need

The disease is your reason

Your will is unchecked

But the blood is all over

The lives you have wrecked

But blessed are the meek

For we stand as one

We stand against

The crimes you have done

we stand as one

We stand against

Your desire for more

Hear how we knock

Soon there won’t be a door

And what you won’t share

Will be ripped from your hands

Your body destroyed

The way fire lands

Burning your homes

The privilege you snake

The payback beyond

Anything you could take

Naked you’ll be

And full of regret

And the way they were treated

You’ll long to forget

we stand as one

You’ll wish you could go back

and undo whats been done

You’ll wish you were never

Insanity’s son

You’ll wish you were fair

You’ll wish for compassion

But it will be late

And long out of fashion

Strung up you’ll bleed

Like the pig you became

A symbol of hatred

And one with no name

And our country will come back

Belonging to us

Regain it’s spirit

Regain our trust

we stand as one

Regain it’s standing

Regain the world

The dream of our fathers

A new and bold world

Where people have chance

And can live with respect

And people can dance

Beyond their neglect

Where health is a right

And education within

The grasp of the poor

Who may still one day win

We occupy wall street

So that we may begin

To live in a country

Of freedom again.

we stand as one



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