Mercury Rev, Morphine Get LITA Treatment


Light In The Attic
launches new imprint for ‘90s reissues, Modern Classics Recordings.


By Fred Mills


Unless your bag is something like, I dunno, Journey or
Rihanna, you know the name Light In The Attic: just like the man on the TV
says, you can trust your car to the man who wears the star, or in this case,
you can trust your musical edification to the label with the dangling
lightbulb. Pretty much anything that comes down the pipeline from the esteemed
musicologists and archivists at LITA clicks with us at BLURT. (Case in point: the recent anthology of South
Korean rocker Shin Joong Hyun
, or those awesome reissues from Rodriguez.)


So now comes word that the label is branching out with a new
imprint, Modern Classics Recordings, with a focus more on the semi-recent past,
e.g., the Nineties. (Raise your hand if you read that sickening piece in USA Today this week about ‘90s
nostalgia.) First up: Mercury Rev’s 1998 album Deserter’s Songs, to be followed by the 1993 classic by Morphine, Cure For Pain. Each will be pressed up
on 180-gram vinyl – the first time either has been reissued on LP – boasting
remastered sound  and deluxe gatefold
packaging featuring new liner notes and interviews with the protagonists. A
download card will be included as well, and in the case of the Mercury Rev
platter, 100 random copies will contain an autographed photo of Grasshopper and
Jonathan Donohue.


Here’s what LITA co-owner Matt Sullivan had to say about the
new label: The selections are “from our personal stash, as they came out. An
era of those shiny, futuristic things called CDs and whatever bands were
actually putting out vinyl in the ’90s. I was born in ’76 and we’ve never reissued
much past that. These were the days of Reagan and the contras, sipping
Everclear from cola war bottles between the Bushes, bouncing off our parent’s
walls to classics like Straight Outta Compton and Nevermind!”


He adds, “The goal with these elegant reissues via Modern
Classics is to provide the same attention to detail that Light In The Attic has
become known for, while having the artist involved in their re-release through
extrapolative liner notes, helping to curate their unique historical importance
and creative exceptionality, albums which snared the overflowing creativity of
the zeitgeist in which they were released, and influenced the best semi-pop
music for years to come.”


Full details at the LITA website.


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