Listen to New Tom Waits (Until Friday…)


One more good reason
to have your email added to a mailing list…


By Fred Mills


“Dear Tom Waits Fan,” began the email in the inbox this
morning. “You are invited to be one of the first people to listen to the new Tom
record, Bad As Me. Go to and enter the following unique code, you will only be able to preview the record until this Friday…”


Bad As Me, of
course, is the new Waits album that drops next week, Oct. 24, via Anti-. No
doubt quite a few people received the “listening party” invite today, and no
doubt quite a few more are in the process of firing up the album stream too: when
you enter the aforementioned code it will also provide you with five additional
codes to pass along to friends.


Don’t worry if you’re not among the chosen people, however:
if you were not previously on the Waits mailing list just go to the
site and click the link that says “Request An Invite” then enter your name and


And then sit back and see if the good Mr. Waits’
website servers crash today…


Keep your eyes peeled for the new print issue of BLURT, due
on newsstands in a few weeks – we’ll have some choice Waits coverage to share
with you.


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