Joseph Arthur Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs


He gave access to


By Fred Mills


For the past couple of days the noise has been deafening –
the commentary on and tributes to the late Steve Jobs, that is. Much of it
heartfelt and intended as sincere, certainly, but after a certain point, it can
turn into overkill and white noise (in particular, all the self-important
celebrity tweets).


Which is why the one below, penned by musical and visual
artist Joseph Arthur, seems so refreshing. It came in from the Arthur camp last
evening, and in its economy and simplicity, it seems to synch perfectly with
the so-called Jobs “aesthetic.” For that, Mr. Arthur, my and the BLURT staff’s
thanks. Jobs will be greatly missed, of course, but I suspect he would find
infinite more inspiration in Arthur’s words than all the obituaries and
legacy-profiles combined…



for steve


by joseph arthur


you gave access 
to countless dreams 
to share our humanity 
thru machines
you turned lights on
in our minds
by lifting your own
beyond the signs
which said turn back
which said slow down
which said attack
the underground
you fought thru walls
your own and theirs
and lit a screen
of a thousand prayers
a thousand more
and more again
applied to sin
in the hollow glare
where creation came
to find us there
you gave access
to countless dreams
to share humanity
with machines
and spread our voices
far and wide
and give us different
ways to hide
its not all good
but then what is ?
you were progress
idiot kid
genius soul
erupting light
a brother.
we now
say goodnight



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