John Lennon Comic Book?!?


Is this what we’ve been waiting for
over the past 30 years…?



By Blurt

Bluewater Productions has announced plans to tell John Lennon’s story as part
of Bluewater Comics “Orbit” series. Orbit: John Lennon will hit comic book
stores in Dec. 2011 in time for the anniversary of his passing.

“No one could begin to estimate the contribution the Beatles have had on our
world,” said Darren G. Davis, president of Bluewater Comics. “And John Lennon
is the perfect choice for our ‘Orbit’ series. He was so much more than just a
rock star, because he used his stardom to make the world a better place.”

Comic book writer Marc Shapiro (Selena
Gomez: The Graphic Novel, Female Force: Cher
said he painstakingly worked to capture the essence of Lennon’s story. “I
approached writing Fame: John Lennon as an exploration of a life full of
potential and promise that was, sadly, cut short,” said Shapiro. “We all know
the importance of John Lennon as part of The Beatles. But I felt it was more
important to concentrate on his post Beatles’ life and career, both good and
bad, so that readers would get the clearest possible idea about who he was as a
creative entity, husband and father.”

However, Shapiro takes the next step and explores “what might have been” in the
32-page comic book.


No word on
exactly what that means yet, however, so be very, very afraid…

Subjects of Bluewater’s “Orbit” have included Keith Richards, Stephen King, and
Howard Stern.  Also launched this week are Kindle versions of the
biography comic books of Steve Jobs, Selena Gomez, Anne Rice and more.


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