James McMurtry Blogs from the Border


The northern border, that is…

By Blurt Staff

Click over to James McMurtry’s new “Wasteland Bait & Tackle” blog we posted this morning at BLURT – our fave Texan holds forth this time around on his experiences crossing back and forth between the U.S. and Canada, and in particular the differences between what it was like in 1992 compared to the enhanced security conscious mindset of today.

Writes McMurtry, “The Canadians are alarmed, to
say the least. Apparently, we now have gun boats on the Great
Lakes, drones and Blackhawk helicopters patrolling the land
border. There’s talk of building a fence or perhaps even a wall. What terrible
threat is coming at us from Canada,
I must ask? And how will we get enough Mexican Nationals to the Canadian border
to build a wall? Canadians don’t sneak into our country. They’re doing pretty
well up there, by the look of the place…”

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