Gram Parsons Archive/Social Site Debuts


Long-in-coming online


By Blurt staff


Gram Parsons’ daughter Polly Parsons and The Gram Parsons
Foundation have finally created an online portal for everything Gram
Parsons, which will include everything from music to photographs, from videos
to social networking: The Gram Parsons Official Website (


It’s billed as “an online community where people can share
stories, photos and knowledge about this legendary musician… a fan resource as
much as a tribute, offering tribute concert and fan gathering updates and to-the-moment
Twitter and RSS Feeds.”



Polly Parsons noted, in a statement, “Over the last few
years, fans have been requesting for an official online destination
to connect with my father and his music. My sincere wish is that this site
becomes a wonderful place to visit, hang a while, read stories from those
closest to him and the musicians that love him, listen to music, learn about and
BE with Gram, My father would love to know you’re visiting!”


The site’s home page features the live RSS and Twitter
feeds, documenting the constant activity about Gram, as well as hosting Gram
TV, which is currently “playing” a clip reel from the 2004 tribute
concerts which featured Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Lucinda
Williams, Dwight Yoakum and others. The foundation’s goal for Gram TV
is to update content to feature the up and coming artists who are inspired by
Gram’s music.


The site also features a music page, streaming songs
and lyrics from Sweetheart of the Rodeo (The Byrds), Safe at
Home (The International Submarine Band), Gilded Palace of Sin and Burrito
Deluxe (The Flying Burrito Brothers), and the solo albums GP and Return
of the Grievous Angel. The archive tab for The Official Gram Parsons
Website opens a treasure trove of online content, ranging from videos
hosted on the Gram Parsons Official YouTube channel, streaming interviews with
Gram, Gram Parsons quotes, articles and photographs. There will soon be an
online store with Official Gram Parsons merchandise along with a
“gift” to all the long standing fans in time to mark what would have
been Gram’s sixty-fifth birthday on November 5.


The mission of The Gram Parsons Foundation is to
support musicians and artists from around the world with addiction and
recovery services. The foundation’s dedication to helping those with substance abuse
issues is further shown at Polly Parsons’ Hickory Wind Ranch, the
premiere sober living homes for men and women in Austin, TX.
It was only natural that Polly was driven to provide support and a nurturing
environment by helping other members of the artistic community in need – a full
circle moment. The goal of Hickory Wind Ranch (  is to help every member of their community
learn how to live a full and rich sober life and to achieve physical, emotional
and spiritual balance. Hickory Wind Ranch is proud to share their
gift to the community through their involvement with A&E’s Intervention. 


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