Breathe Owl Breathe w/Kid’s Book + 7″


Intriguing project arrives Dec. 6 from the RAD label…


By Blurt Staff


Breathe Owl Breathe have
always been storytellers. It only makes sense that they would spin a pair of
tales that people of all ages could cherish together; stories and songs so
simple and poignant in their message that adults and children alike will find moments
and melodies that resonate for them.


A combination of art, music, and literature, The Listeners / These Train Tracks is
a statement about the artist, a band, and the desire to make things that sound
nice, look good, and feel real. The Listeners / These Train Tracks is
close to a three-year work in progress, created almost entirely by
artist/musician Micah Middaugh of
Breathe Owl Breathe inside the confines of Cavern Lantern Wonder Welding in the
Jordan River Valley, MI.  This is the first release from the band since
joining the newly reformed RAD
label, which has been releasing records, skateboards, and t-shirts since
2007, and will release The
Listeners / These Train Tracks 
on December 6th.


After years of writing children’s books in single
editions, Micah has crafted two stories in a single canvas-covered volume that
reads from the outside covers inward, ending at the center. And here, in the
middle of The Listeners / These Train Tracks, slipped between a
copper block printed sleeve hand cranked by Micah and book artist, Chad Pastotnik, are two new Breathe
Owl Breathe songs pressed to black 70 gram 7″ vinyl.  Every single
cover, page, sleeve, and block was created and printed in Michigan.


It’s a book, it’s a record, it’s a wonderful piece
of art to look at, listen to, and hold in your hands as often as you’d like.




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