Amphetamine Reptile Doc Being Prepped

More skronk than you
can shake a distortion pedal at…


By Fred Mills


It was uttered: “The
Color of Noise
will be a story of music and art, and how the keen musical
tastes, and ultra graphic design sense of one independent record label owner
brought to the world the sights and sounds that helped to create and influence
future musical genres while humbly kicking the crap out of the rock underground!”


Gotta be none other than AmRep – that’s Amphetamine Reptile
Records to YOU, pal – and the mighty Haze, aka Tom Hazelmyer, who shepherded the
Minneapolis-based indie label starting around 1986 and well into the ‘90s.
AmRep issued scores of records, including many now-rare, eBay-worthy 45s by the
skronky, noisy, post-punk likes of Surgery, God Bullies, Helmet, Unsane,
Vertigo, Melvins and Hazelmyer’s own combo Halo of Flies, and although he
finally closed the label down around 1998 he’s continued to operate as a visual
artist and around the periphery of music.


So The Color Of Noise aims to document the label’s trajectory and is in the process of accumulating
archival footage and photos – filmmakers Eric Robel and Michael Dimmitt are
actively seeking out content in any format, whether VHS or Super 8, for
consideration, and they mention in particular the following artists would be
great for inclusion: Boss Hog (89′-92′ lineup), Chokebore, Cosmic Psychos, God
Bullies, Guzzard, Halo of Flies, Hammerhead, Hedonists, Helios Creed, Helmet,
Killdozer (pre-90′), King Snake Roost, Lollipop, Love 666, Lubricated Goat
(pre-91′), Mama Tick, The Melvins, Mudhoney, Nashville Pussy (97′-2000 lineup),
Servotron, Surgery, Supernova, Tad, Tar, The Cows, The Thrown Ups, The U-Men,
Today Is The Day, Unsane, Vertigo, Otto’s Chemical Lounge, Toadlochen, Billy


They’re also interested in talking to people who might have
been involved with the label and related scene – ex-employees, band members,
poster artists, etc. You can get more details and track the film’s progress at
the official blog.


There’s also a preliminary video trailer posted at well worth checking out.


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