Akron/Family Launches Record Label

Family Tree – “a new
home for outsider behaviors. First signing is Denver’s
Bad Weather California.


By Blurt Staff


Akron/Family has now made the unofficial official with the
inauguration of their Family Tree Records. In 2012, the label will issue Sunkissed
by the Denver
misfit band Bad Weather California, produced by Akron/Family’s Seth Olinsky. Check out this video of BWC:



$$$ BWC SUNKISSED PROMO $$$ from J Logan Corcoran on Vimeo.


Family Tree Records follows in the footsteps of John Fahey’s
Tacoma Records, Elephant 6 and Young God Records (the band’s first home),
artist-run record companies born from a desire to create their own context to
more truly reflect their music and artistic vision, driven by a sense of
independent thinking, ideas, and values.


Right from the start, Akron/Family was inspired by the likes
of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Grateful Dead and Wu Tang Clan, and envisioned
operating as a group of friends and artists, creating in ever-shifting
combinations, drawing on an ever-widening circle of collaborators. Since
Akron/Family started exploring music in 2002, their penchant for the unpaved
road has brought them opportunities to collaborate onstage and in the studio
with musicians from their own free-jazz heroes Hamid Drake and William Parker
to legendary Japanese free-shredder Keiji Haino to the members of Woody
Guthrie’s family to the several thousand people who have been invited (either
by the band or by their own excitement) to sing with the band at live shows.
Family Tree Records will be the home for the sound documents produced by this


All along Akron/Family has collected recordings outside the
norm of what appears on more commercial albums. They have edited together
limited-run releases from live performances, dimly lit, all-night home
sessions, and/or field recordings of wind and insects. These were lovingly
hand-packaged and sold primarily on tour. Over time, these were referred to as
their “Family Tree Records.”


Family Tree Records started this year with the co-release
(with Dead Oceans) of <bmbz>, a musical survey and documentation of a
Banksy-an Internet prank where Akron/Family’s latest album was demolished and
reconstructed by seven different artists, then leaked online throughout the
Christmas season.


In celebration of 2012, the year of the Mayan calendar’s
solar cycle prophecies, Family Tree Records is releasing Bad Weather
California’s Sunkissed. These Denver-based street partiers have been playing
house shows and biker bars out West for years and are ripe to enter a wider
world. Sunkissed features  exquisite
beached out, afro-cana punk anthems with ripping guitar and street wise lyrics,
all dedicated to the cellular source of life on this planet – the Sun! This
skater-friendly, hippie/ punk aesthetic hearkens back to the glory days of
early 80‘s SST Records:  the Meat Puppets
(who’ve they’ve worked with), Minutemen and early Flaming Lips. Those bands
emerged at a time when the punk tenets of artistic freedom  and militant individuality had gone out of
fashion, only clung to by the most dedicated of outsiders.


The label has many other plans in store for 2012. Miles
Seaton from Akron/Family is producing a record for Ju Young Lee AKA Praything,
a wunderkind outsider-pop luminary who surfs the waves of Bruce Springsteen and
Laurie Anderson in the Magic Kingdom of Orlando, FL.  There’ll be a vinyl-
only release of visionary electro-acoustic drone poet Greg Davis’ Full Spectrum


Also in the planning stage is a touring performance series
using portable, custom-built venues. There are plans for releases of Akron/Family
side projects and previously un-issued band recordings.



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