You KNOW You Want a KISS Plushie…


The original lineup,
natch. Accept no substitutes.


By Perez Mills


Okay folks, don’t let that furry facsimile of Gene Simmons’ tumescent
tongue get you too excited – it’s just a doll, not, er, a “toy.” But we’d be
remiss if we didn’t tip you, and all the fanboys out there who will collect
anything KISS related, to next week’s launching of the Kiss Plushies by FUNKO.


The 7″ high stuffed dolls have the expected original lineup makeup/costume
designs (nobody would buy dolls of the Unmasked-era KISS, of course), as in The
Demon, Starchild, Spaceman and Catman: Gene Simmons ‘The Demon’Paul Stanley ‘The Starchild’Ace Frehley ‘The Spaceman’, and Peter Criss ‘The Catman’.


According to the manufacturer, The “Demon” makeup reflected Gene’s cynicism and dark
elements, as well as his love for comic books. Paul Stanley became the
“Starchild” due to his tendency to be referred to as the
“starry-eyed lover” and “hopeless romantic.” Ace Frehley’s
“Spaceman” makeup was a reflection of him wanting to go for a ride in
a space ship and supposedly being from another planet. Peter Criss’
“Catman” makeup was in accordance with the belief that Peter had nine
lives due to his rough childhood in Brooklyn. 


Well, Criss always was delusional. Or maybe that was
Frehley. Whatever. You KNOW you gotta have one of these goodies. Delay or eBay,
as the saying goes!



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