Watch New Tommy Keene Video

A man dressed in a
bearsuit gets into a car and begins vogueing while a power pop legend sits in
the backseat… no, you’ll have to watch the clip to get the punchline.


By Fred Mills


There’s nothing quite so much fun as watching a video for a
kickass rock song and seeing the people in the video having what’s clearly a
load of good clean goofy fun. Such is the case with Tommy Keene’s “Deep Six
Saturday,” which will make you want to line dance and play air guitar.




It’s from his new album “Behind The Parade” (Second Motion;
read the BLURT review here), which as long-time Keene fans we heartily recommend. Keep your
eyes peeled for a Keene
feature at BLURT soon, too.


Keene will be touring tonight
(in Arlington, VA)
through Sept. 16 along with openers Doug Gillard and Sally Crewe
& the Sudden Moves. Check the dates at Keene’s website.



[Photo Credit: Chris Rady]


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