Watch: Lemmy Documentary


49% Motherf***er, 51% Son of a Bitch (E1 Entertainment) unveils its subtleties a little at a time and… oh, who are we kidding. The documentary is like a brick smashed into your face. Rawk on!


By Jason Gross


you don’t know the subject of this rockumentary, we feel sorry for you. This
metal God and Motorhead leader was shadowed for three years by the filmmakers,
who gathered hosannas from most of the original Guns N’ Roses, Dave Grohl and
Metallica (the last two shown collaborating with him), among others.


likes: Jack Daniels, the Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard, video games, a
cluttered apartment, war memorabilia (especially knives), Rickenbacker basses,
speed, cigarettes and Daisy Dukes (!). L’s dislikes: heroin, cocaine, marriage,
bullshit. Things he denies being: a hippie, a Nazi (among his war collectibles
are German WWII stuff). What sets this apart from most worship-filled profiles
is that the subject is so freakin’ interesting: watch this transplanted L.A. icon design leather
boots, fire tank guns and lead one of the world’s loudest bands. Not a bad
resume, even if he needs running subtitles to hear what he’s saying through his
thick West Midlands accent.


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