Watch American Juggalo Documentary


23 minute film packs
more, er, punch than most movies 8 times that long…


By Fred Mills


It’s not exactly The
Last Waltz
but it’s still a pretty fascinating rock ‘n’ roll (sorta) movie:
American Juggalo, a 23-minute
documentary by director Sean Dunne that takes a look at the Juggalo subculture.
It was filmed at the annual Iinsane Clown Posse-hosted Gathering of the
Juggalos and features interviews with band fans while offering an up close and
personal view of the subculture. Put on your clown makeup, kick back with a liter
of Faygo, and enjoy!



American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


no less a pop pundit than Bob Lefsetz is praising the movie, albeit in possibly
in more glowing terms than it deserves when it compares it to the likes of D.A.
Pennebaker. “Here you
have an endless supply of what society calls losers. And they all seem to know
it,” writes Lefsetz. “This film is as powerful as the great documentaries of
Frederick Wiseman and D.A. Pennebaker. It captures a vibe, a feeling, which you
don’t find too often in today’s mainstream media.”


Lefsetz also tries to
extract a deep political-philosophical message from the film when he says, “I
can’t imagine many of these people are Democrats. They want every dollar they
earn, because it’s not many. And where’s the better life, the jobs Obama
promised? It’s an endless carnival of the disenfranchised. An underbelly pushed
under the rug, joining together to have a good time. What happens when your
parents aren’t rich, when your life has taken a wrong turn? You get tattoos and
become a Juggalo. This certainly ain’t the beautiful people.”


Fair enough. But it’s also
possible that some of these people just like to party and raise hell…

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