Uh-Oh, Weiland Has Covers, Xmas LPs


Ya just can’t keep a
good egomaniac down.


By Fred Mills


Look, as much as the world does not need another rock artist recording a collection of
holiday-themed tunes, we understand that a lot of folks actually listen to
these exercises in thinly-veiled hubris, suspending disbelief just long enough to
smile through few tuneless choruses of “White Christmas,” “The Little Drummer
Boy” and “Silver Bells.” It happens every year, and it ain’t gonna stop, so we
might as well live with it. Plus, if you strategically plan out your shopping
schedule (do it online) and radio listening habits (switch to sports talk
between November and December) it’s gotten pretty easy to avoid all that crap


And as much as the world does not need another rock artist recording a collection of covers of
other artists’ material, we understand that a lot of people actually listen to
these thinly-disguised displays of writer’s block billed as “heartfelt homages
to the music that inspired me growing up” while convincing themselves that wow,
an old Bob Seger classic rock song really ain’t so bad after all if one of my favorite
hipsters is singing it! Those albums will also continue to be made, buying time
for the artist to recharge his or her batteries and get back to writing
original material and simultaneously keeping them in the public eye. We can
live with that too; after all, nobody’s forcing us to buy anything.


Scott Weiland, the erstwhile raconteur behind Stone Temple Pilots and some other band whose name
escapes us at the moment, has decided to tip the scales mightily this fall,
however. Never a man interested in treading with subtlety or finesse, Weiland
has BOTH a covers album and a Christmas record.


The former, smartly (from a marketing perspective) titled A Compilation Of Scott Weiland Cover Songs, is currently available exclusively at Weiland’s website. It’s a digital-only release – curiously, there’s
not artwork to accompany it, so we’re not sure how it will display on your iPod
– and it goes for a whopping $15.00, which any fan will tell you is at least 5
bucks too much for a digital album, but hey, we’re talking Weiland and his
perpetually apologist fanbase, so it’s not likely he’ll get a lesson in
recession economics anytime soon.


As you can see from the tracklisting, he’s not exactly pushing himself
artistically, either, what with covers of Bowie, the Smiths, Rolling Stones and
New York Dolls, among others. The fact that he’s also doing a cover of Nirvana’s “Frances Farmer Will
Get Her Revenge On Seattle” is bound to generate some additional web traffic
for him, and the irony is no doubt delicious for him too, given that when STP
originally surfaced in the early ‘90s the book on ‘em was that they were
shameless Nirvana/Pearl Jam ripoffs. Other artists covered on the album include
Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Stone Roses and Depeche Mode. (What, no Tupac or




‘I Am The Resurrection’
‘Personality Crisis’
‘Frances Farmer Will Get Her Revenge On Seattle’
‘Let Down’
‘Into Your Arms’
‘Dead Flowers’
‘Waiting For Superman’
‘But Not Tonight’
‘Reel Around The Fountain’
‘Jean Genie’


The Christmas album is titled a bit more delicately: Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and this
one is an actual CD from Atlantic Records. Amazon.com indicates it will be
available in early October, although no tracklisting or artwork appears at the
Amazon product page, just this description:


“Multi-platinum recording artist Scott Weiland (Stone Temple
Pilots) has been a staple in Rock music for over a decade, now Scott is doing something
new in an old school fashion. Scott is carrying on the tradition of the likes
of David Bowie and Neil Diamond and releasing traditional Christmas songs
performing them in their traditional form.”


Awhile back Weiland mentioned in an interview that he
was working on a reggae version of “Little Drummer Boy” so that may give you an
idea of what he thinks the “traditional form” of Christmas songs should take. Incidentally,
Weiland had announced this record well over a year ago but then it got removed
from the release schedule, with no explanation provided by the artist or his
label. The lack of info at the Amazon page this close to the street date possibly
suggest another delay is waiting in the wings.


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