U2 Documentary Headed to Showtime


Digs deep into the
making of and the relationships behind Achtung Baby.


By Blurt Staff


The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed that U2 documentary From
The Sky Down
, directed by Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) to mark the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby, will be aired on Oct. 29
at 8pm on the Showtime Channel. It will make its official premiere tonight,
Sept. 8, at the opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival.


Guggenheim was recently quoted as saying,”In the terrain of
rock bands, implosion or explosion is seemingly inevitable, U2 has defied the
gravitational pull towards destruction, this band has endured and thrived. The
movie From The Sky Down asks the
question why.”


According to the Reporter:
From the Sky Down
is produced by Ted Skillman, Belisa Balaban and
Guggenheim, with Paul McGuinness as executive producer.” Word also has it that artists
Michael Brook and Daniel Lanois (who has, along with Brian Eno, produced and
engineered U2) worked on the film’s soundtrack.


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