Talk Talk, Mark Hollis To Be Reissued



Two stone(d) classics that roughly bookend the ’90s – and in the process, outshine nearly everything else released that decade.

By Fred Mills

Among fans of forward-looking, inward-gazing, cortex-twisting music with touches of ambient, jazz and musique concrete, Talk Talk’s 1991 LP Laughing Stock perhaps knows few peers. If you weren’t there, then what are you waiting for? So word now arrives (thanks for the tip, Pitchfork) that venerable label Ba Da Bing! has plans to reissue the platter on October 11. Concurrently, they weill also reissue Mark Hollis, the 1998 album from Talk Talk’s vocalist Mark Hollis, originally recorded several years after the British band had split up in ’92.

Now those should be among 2011’s most significant reissues…


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