Report: Epicenter Festival in Irvine, CA


September 24
brought the noise: Limp Bizkit, Staind, Papa Roach and the rest of the cr


Jose Martinez

it was all about the “rock” in Southern California
at the Epicenter daylong concert. For 12 hours, over a dozen bands brought the
onslaught. The lineup included headliners Limp Bizkit, as well as Staind, Papa
Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Everlast,
Red, P.O.D., Asking Alexandria, Redlight King, Middle Class Rut, Crossfade, and
Drive A.


who’s-who line up rock bands from 10 years ago, the day saw a lot of older
rockers bleary-eyed from a day’s worth of boozing, reliving their glory days
when their favorite bands were actually relevant.


“There’s a ginormous (sic) void in the
world of rock,” said Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. “It’s missing fun, excitement,
and that infectious, in-your-face energy that turns rock music into a party you
definitely cannot get enough of. We’ve conditioned ourselves to settle for
whatever smooth melodic rock hit that comes along to be as close to the edge as
we could possibly be. Well, Limp Bizkit is back, more dangerous and contagious
than ever with our original lineup.”


In fact, the Epicenter show was the
band’s first Southern California show in over
a decade and its first American live performance of 2011.


“After [Epicenter], you won’t need another rock concert for
quite a while,” Durst promised. “We’re coming to bring it back.”


While last year’s Epicenter show was a two-day event and
featured Eminem and KISS as headliners, along with Blink-182 and 30 Seconds to
Mars, it proved to have its pulse on the scene a lot better than this year’s
lineup. But it also wasn’t 110 degrees like last year, and the cool
70-something degree-day proved blissful for a day of loud, aggressive music.


While a sparse crowd witnessed local upstarts Drive A
deliver its brand of punk-inspired rock, a steady crowd built in front of the
second stage for the likes of Asking Alexandria and P.O.D. While mainstagers
Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Staind delivered by-the-numbers
performances keeping things safe and predictable, headliners Limp Bizkit proved
to be the crowd favorite. Rock purists and elitists hate Fred Durst for his
braggart ways but the beer-swilling crowd at Epicenter loved him. Call him a
blowhard or a bombastic yahoo, Durst caters, although some may say ‘panders,’
to his audience and encourages an interactive response. Indeed, a Limp Bizkit
show is boring.


Opting not to perform a single new song off its new Gold Cobra release, Limp Bizkit
delivered a greatest hits set that satiated the rabid audience. While fans may
not have been witnessing the scene’s most explosive or pertinent artists, it
definitely got its collective rocks off, which isn’t a bad way to spend a day.



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