New Order Reunites Minus Hook


So… it is really New
Order without Hook, hmmm? It wasn’t Joy Division without Curtis, hence the name
“New Order.” Just sayin’…


By Fred Mills


Rolling Stone is
that New Order plans to get back together in October after a
five-year hiatus. Don’t hold your breath too much kids: it will only be for a
pair of charity concerts in Brussels on Oct. 17
and Paris on
Oct. 18. (It’s to help out filmmaker Michael Shamberg, battling a “severe


One cool item to note: joining guitarist Bernard Sumner and
drummer Stephen Morris will be keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, who originally quit
in 2001.


One not so cool item to note: estranged bassist Peter Hook
was not invited to be part of the reunion. Hook and Sumner had a huge falling
out some time ago and he has since been involved with other activities,
including a solo tour in which he performed classic Joy Division.


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