EITS – Friday Night Gleeks?


Don’t hate ‘em just ‘cos they’re


Jennifer Kelly


Explosions In The Sky currently on tour, presumably playing, on occasion, some
of their Friday Night Lights-commissioned
material, there are three other shows
we propose for EITS to soundtrack. (Read our interview with the band here.)



The whole
chorus comes down with laryngitis just before competition, so Will and the gang
choreograph a slow-moving, emotionally-charged (but still really gay)
interpretive dance to “Greet Death.”


Big Bang Theory

Why stop
at the North Pole? Sheldon and the crew get a year-long grant to study string
theory at the International Space Station. EITS one-ups 2001‘s “Blue Danube” sequence with a stirring, crescendo-studded
theme song.



arc be damned. When is Olivia going to get back into the tank in her underwear
to talk to dead people? Surely EITS could compose the requisite creepy-yet-sexy
instrumental backdrop?



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