Book: Courtney Love Sets Record Straight


The hostess with the


By Fred Mills


Next to Charlies Sheen and Manson, there’s probably no celeb
we are more eager to hear from, memoir-wise, than Nirvana widow Courtney Love.
It’s clear that there are some personal accounts that need to be recounted, and
some setting straight of records – and Love’s near the top of the list.


So it was great to learn yesterday that love intends to “set
the record straight” about her tumultuous life via an as-yet-untitled memoir.
Rolling Stone reports that Love has signed a contract with William Morrow (part
of Harper Collins) and that the book has a tentative publication date of Fall
2012, just in time for that year’s Christmas shopping season, natch.


Expect to get Love’s spin – and make no mistake, Love (and
no doubt her co-writer or ghost writer) will be in full spin mode – on her life
with and without Kurt Cobain and all that other stuff that she’s gotten mixed
up in over the years. “All that other stuff” of course could make for a
multi-volume collection…



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