Watch Taylor Swift Do Eminem, Beach Boys


No, we’re not pulling
your leg.


By Fred Mills


There are tons of Taylor Swift hates out there, but we’re
not among them. While we don’t wake up in the morning and put her on the stereo
first thing, over the past few years we’ve come to respect the gal and what she
represents – genuine original songcraft and apparent sincerity while working
within the confines of the oftentimes plastic country music industry.


On her current tour she’s been pulling some musical
surprises out of her hat, typically during her midconcert sit-down solo
acoustic interlude, in which she serves up choice covers, Taylor-style. Earlier
this month she was doing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” if you can believe that (it
segues into Uncle Kracker’s “Smile”), while more recently, Aug. 23 at the
Staples Center, it was the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” (which was followed by
Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape.” Say what you will about her versions, not to
mention the fact that her adoring audience apparently has a need to scream
throughout even the softest portions of her performances; anybody that can work
both Eminem and Brian Wilson into their repertoire deserves some kind of props.


Below you can check out a couple of audience-shot clips; the
songs are all over YouTube, so you may be able to find slightly different or
better ones. It’s pretty entertaining to read the viewer comments – pro AND con
–  below the videos at YouTube, by the


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