Watch Social D on Special Guitar Center Episode

More tattoos than a
season’s worth of LA Ink…


By Blurt Staff


Venerable LA-area gear shop the Guitar Center
recently started up their Guitar Center
program on DIRECTV, and they’ve had some pretty cool artists to
date – among them, Peter Gabriel, Jane’s Addiction and Weezer, and upcoming are
Bad Religion, Peter Frampton and Rodrigo y Gabriela. (Yeah, yeah, we know only
a few of you actually get DIRECTV, but if you sniff around the web you can eventually
find the content; try your favorite torrent site for starters.)


Add our heroes Social Distortion to the GCS mix: the veteran Cali
punks’ episode will premiere this weekend, Saturday Aug. 6. Full details and a video
clip of the band doing “California
(Husle and Flow)” can be found at the official website.


In the episode, founder Mike Ness talks about his career
with host Nic Harcourt, and there will be performance clips from recent album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes plus
assorted classics. Ness holds forth on the
genesis of the band and hitting the clubs to see early LA punk bands like Fear,
The Cramps and X, how his influences were shaped by his mother’s folk rock and
his father’s country leanings, how the first time he heard the Ramones, the Sex
Pistols, the Clash and how he thought “this is it, I’m gonna cut my hair
and get rid of these fuckin’ bellbottoms,” how sex, drugs and rock &
roll became just drugs, hitting bottom as a 23-years-old addict before his
music career took off and how rock & roll saved his life.

“Mike Ness is a rock and roll lifer–a true artist who works tirelessly at
his craft and fully dedicates himself to the job,” says Harcourt. “To
keep a band and a career alive and vital for 30-plus years is no easy feat, and
that element of what it means to be a hard working artist is one that we’re
trying to give viewers a glimpse of on Guitar Center Sessions. It’s also
fascinating how the band’s sound stays so fiercely original while its
influences are so deeply woven into the DNA of the band.”





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