Watch Against Me! Cover the Clash


One of the few punk bands
today Who Matters cover The Only Band That Matters….


By Blurt Staff


In the newest
installment of the A.V. Club’s popular “Undercover” series, punk
heroes Against Me! were caught performing the Clash’s classic tune “Janie
Jones.” They crammed into the A.V. Club’s infamous circular room back in
June during their previous US
headline tour.


Check it out at
the A.V. Club site
– it’s downright uncanny how accurate and spirited it is,
more so than you’ll hear from a Clash cover anywhere else, we suspect.


The genesis of
the performance? According to A.V. Club, “Wild Flag claimed the song, 24
hours before Against Me! said they wanted it. It was painful to have to deny
the Florida
punk band, and nothing else on the list really interested them. Then Wild Flag
had to bow out due to a scheduling conflict, and the Against Me! dudes were
gracious enough to step back in and slay “Janie Jones.””


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